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Vocal lessons are geared toward developing a clear understanding of how your body works for sound production.

** CHILDREN UNDER THE AGE OF 8 are not yet cognitively or physically developed enough to perform the breathing and vocal exercises required of formal voice training. Refer to below for a recommended program geared toward this specific age group.  This program may aid in preparing your child for formal voice training. Click here to be taken to their web site.


Proper Breathing Technique.
This is the foundation for vocal development. It is of primary importance in order to insure vocal health, since improper breathing technique can result in damage to the voice. Acquiring proper breathing technique is accomplished through exercises and takes between four and six weeks to become automatic muscle memory.

Vocal Exercises
Man singing into microphoneVocal exercises are where we do the bulk of our work, and they are ongoing. They are based in the anatomy of the voice and how your body works for sound production. Different exercises focus on tackling different areas of development, such as acquiring resonance, projection, and vibrato, eliminating register break, improving tone quality, and expanding range, but all exercises work on developing precision and flexibility of muscle movement. This allows the muscles to move with accuracy and ease rather than manipulation and stiffness. The end result is better sound and a healthier voice.

Vocal exercises are used for development of the voice and also to warm up before performances in much the same way an athlete or a dancer does a stretch before participating in a sport or dance. Singers use a vocal warm up for the same reason – to minimize the risk of injury to the muscles and to promote a better performance. Believe it or not, songs are much more demanding than vocal exercises and are not an adequate warm up.

Song Work
In songs, students learn to put to use the skills acquired through breathing technique and vocal exercises, as well as how to approach each song as a vehicle for self-expression and communication through use of vocal inflections, dynamics, phrasing, etc., thereby developing their own personal style.
We Now Offer Instrumental Lessons in Piano, Guitar, Bass Guitar, Violin and Ukelele!

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Instrumental lessons are offered to students of all ages.
Instrumental lessons are not available via SKYPE