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We are grateful to everyone for their kind words and recommendations.
"When I came to Debra Perry, I was a busy gigging musician and I knew something was wrong with my voice. Within 30 seconds of singing, she diagnosed me with vocal nodules and helped put me in to touch with an ENT specialist to really figure out my problem.  Sure enough, they found I did indeed have nodules and I was devastated.  But with Debbie's help, I was able to rehabilitate my voice.  She worked directly with my doctors to heal my voice and teach me proper singing technique.  I now have my full range back with more quality and control than I ever had before.  Singing is more than just having a good ear and mimicking pitches, and most instructors don't know the first thing about proper technique...I was a college opera student and never learned what I learned from Debbie.  If you are looking to sing your best and keep your voice healthy for life, go to Debra Perry." - Bethany Pierce, Angry Ginger
"With Debra Perry there is no guess work involved. She possesses all theknowledge and wisdom to get you to the place where you have control of your instrument, where everything you sing is intended." - Devin Lima, Grammy performer and former vocalist for LFO, currently lead vocalist for Devin Lima and The Cadbury Diesel AND Joaquin Santos, drummer and vocalist for both Devin Lima and The Cadbury Diesel and Vibe.
"It's not premature of me to say that Debra Perry is a vocal guru! We are her disciples!" - Devin Lima, Grammy performer and former vocalist for LFO, currently lead vocalist for Devin Lima and The Cadbury Diesel. Devin has the honor of having had a #1 single on the charts for 6 wks, as well as a double platinum album.
"Debbie has taught me so much about my voice in the years that I have studied with her. I've learned that my voice is not only a gift, but an instrument that must be utilized correctly. Without Debra Perry and The Vocal Development Studio, I don't know what would have happened to my voice or the condition it would be in. She made me see how crucial it is to preserve your talents and gifts! Debbie is amazing!" - Michelle LaVangie, back-up vocalist for Devin Lima and The Cadbury Diesel and lead vocalist for Vibe
"I've been singing professionally for most of my life and had never been properly trained. I was amazed at how much more range my voice had after only a few lessons! Debbie has brought my voice to a whole new level through her guidance and knowledge! In a word, she is amazing!" - Aoife Clancy, former lead singer for Cherish The Ladies
"Deb Perry and The Vocal Development Studio helped give my career the boost it needed! Deb was the first coach who taught me how to retrain my voice and take care of it throughout my career!" - Deliah Gonsalves WMAR TV, Baltimore, Maryland, formerly of WJATR TV, Providence, Rhode Island
"I've had the pleasure of working with Debra Perry on a professional level for many years now. As a speech pathologist who works with voice disorders and hoarseness, I've been impressed by Debbie's attention to the vocal health of her students. She has a great ear for picking up potential vocal cord problems a singer might be having, which would require attention by an otolaryngologist or voice specialist. This attention often helps a person get back on track with their voice and work toward their true vocal potential." - Kelly Coucci, MS, CCC-SLP, Speech and Language Pathologist at Northeast Ear, Nose, and Throat

“If you’re a singer, go to Debra Perry’s Vocal Studio in New Bedford. Debbie is the only vocal instructor around trained in the Deva method. She works with ENT docs and speech therapists and specializes in helping vocalists keep their instruments healthy. If you’re singing for a living, you need her. Plain and simple. Singing from birth doesn’t mean you have proper technique. I can count on two hands the singers I’ve heard around here who most definitely have vocal nodules, and who don’t even know it. Debbie listened to me for 30 seconds and knew instantly what I needed to fix. Her conclusions were then proven by an actual trip to the docs and a look at my vocal folds.

I just had two 12 hour studio days in a row, then a gig. The first day I sang for 8.5 hours, the next for 4, then the 3 hour gig. THAT IS INSANE. 8.5 hours belting our songs just to wake up the next day and do it again. Then go dance around at a gig and do it again. That is truly a testament to her vocal coaching especially in light of the fact that I had nodules when I went to her.

This isn’t just an advertisement for her, it’s a PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE to all the singers out there from a person who actually knows what she’s talking about. You wouldn’t start a new career without training so don’t just jump into singing in bands all the time without training. You don’t want to damage your irreplaceable instrument. There are tons of “vocal coaches” out there…I could be one if I wanted to…and they don’t even know the anatomy of the voice or how sound production works. Go to an expert."  - Bethany Lawson of Plastic Angels


"Debra Perry’s Vocal Development Studio has been a life-changing experience for me. It’s rare to find someone that is knowledgeable and has appropriate teaching techniques to con vey this theoretical knowledge to a volcal student so they can now apply it practically. She has completely changed the relationship I had with my voice and sound production in general. Debra Perry was definitely the right choice for me". - Marenikae


"Debra Perry helped me develop my vocal abilities and also helped me gain confidence on stage. She also taught me to care for my voice. Without her, I probably would not have gigged out!" - Corey Amaral


"Since I have been taking lessons with Debra Perry, I have grown vocally. I have learned proper breathing technique and how to safely use my voice. My range has also improved." - Lorae Tavares


"Debra Perry has taught my child safe vocal technique that will last her a lifetime. I have noticed a large improvement in my daughter’s vocal range. Lorae can now attain high vocal ranges safely and comfortably". - Maureen Varao


"My five years of lessons with Deb have been by far one of the best experiences I ever had. Not only does she teach you how to sing, she teaches you how to perform. By studying with her, I have gained so much confidence in my abilities and myself. Thanks Deb!" - Holly Cardoza


"Ms. Perry provides a relaxing yet professional atmosphere that makes even the shyest of singers feel at ease. I highly recommend her to anyone who wishes to stretch themselves and learn the key to finding performance style and confidence in their singing. Her modern approach to vocal development and technique guarantee results. Trust me, it works!" - Sheryl Helm


"Since studying with Deb, I’ve learned so much and grown to be a confident singer because of her. When I started, I was scared of my own shadow, but now she has helped me polish my skills as a singer and a performer to the point where I can entertain people with this gift I was given. I cannot thank her enough for her endless support and guidance." - Meg Leal


"Debra Perry of The Vocal Development Studio has helped me immensely since I began lessons. In the beginning, she informed me that she believed I had acid reflux and got me seen by a dr. and then help for that and the nodules I had developed. She helped me through all that. She also helped me through my voice change and adjustment afterward. My range has grown so much and without her I probably wouldn’t be able to sing the way I do. I’ve improved so much ever since I’ve gone there and without her I probably wouldn’t have the voice I have today. I’m very grateful to Debra and I thank her for all her support. She’s a great mentor". - Corey Teves


"Debra hasn’t only been a great vocal teacher, she’s also been a great friend! If there was anything that I needed to fix or improve on, she’d let me know right away, so that I could not only sing to my greatest potential, but so I could also in a way that would prevent any future damage.

She has even helped me to increase my skills with performing on stage. Whether it was stage presence or use of the microphone, she’d always be ready to praise me on any improvement or anything that could help with me with performing in the future.

Because of lessons my range increased from alto to soprano and I gained more confidence to perform in front of people. I’ve loved every moment of Debra’s lessons, and I look forward to working with her more in the future!" - Lauren Medeiros


"Our daughter has been taking lessons with Debra for several years and she has become like a close family friend. It’s evident that Debra really cares about her students. Debra inspires her students to interpret what the song is portraying and put your heart and soul into the song while working on stage presence. These classes promote confidence and Debra always has a professional and positive attitude.

We feel truly blessed to have her for our daughter’s vocal teacher. I would highly recommend lessons with Debra. It has been said that music has the ability to move people. Debra has instilled music to be a huge part of our daughter’s life." - Mr. and Mrs. Medeiros

"If you honestly want to see a marked change in your vocal range, delivery, and overall professionalism, commit fully to Deb's teaching and do the work. Debbie is clearly the best educated music teacher I've had in regard to her understanding of the vocal apparatus and how it best works, as well as having a personal element where she genuinely wants to see you succeed! We love you, Debbie!" - Joey Azevedo, vocalist, formerly of New Bedford, Ma. Now pursuing his career in NYC
"Working with Debbie has been very rewarding. She is a great mentor. When I first started, I was very shy; however, she has helped me to overcome that obstacle. As a vocal teacher, she definitely helps you to master the technique. I am very thankful to have had the privilege of working with her." - Grace Moniz, vocalist, New Bedford, Ma
"Been profound! I am so grateful for her guidance and support! As a professional vocalist, my training with Debra Perry has been priceless!" - Liz Solomon, vocalist, Cape Cod, Ma
"I've been singing for most of my life and this is the first time I've been able to sing with ease! For years, I strained my voice trying to reach notes that seemed to be impossible, causing register breaks and hoarseness, but thanks to Deb, my natural voice has been freed! I now have a wider range that continues to grow and a whole new selection of songs that I can choose from!" - Eliza Austin, vocalist, Wareham, Ma
"I wouldn't have the same determination if it wasn't for Debbie. She made sure I was where I needed to be and was always honest. Everything gets put into perspective. Now I know what I'm doing." - James McCoy-Moniz, vocalist, New Bedford, Ma
"I think the biggest thing I've gained through studying with Deb, is confidence. I know my breathing method has improved, and I'm not hurting my vocal cords anymore when I sing, and I'm sure I'm doing other things in a more technically correct way. But although all of that is vitally important, I don't think about any of that when I look forward to coming to my lessons, or when I do repetition after repetition of vocal exercises. I think about the times I've come to Deb with a song and said ‘I'd really love to sing this, but I just don't think I can pull it off' – and in 15 minutes, after only a few pointers, she has me not only singing the song respectably well, but actually sounding good singing it! I have total faith that if I put the practice time in, Deb can help me achieve the goals I never thought I could as a singer!" - Naomi Pappas, vocalist, New Bedford, Ma
"Debra Perry is a true vocal professional, as well as a great mentor and caring person for her students. During our son, Andrew's years of vocal training, through learning stage presence and Debra's endless hours of encouragement, he has shown growth and maturity, both in his singing and in his life. What a wonderful experience this has been for our family." - Karen and Peter Camire, Acushnet, Ma
"Debbie has taught me so much about singing and performing. It is because of her that I have matured into the singer I am today. I hope others are able to get the opportunity to learn from her, just as I did."- Andrew Camire, vocalist, Acushnet, Ma
"I can't even begin to explain how much singing lessons have improved my voice. When you sing the right way, it really makes a difference! Debbie is an amazing vocal teacher. She has given me such helpful critiques, which have made me a better singer! Aside from that, she has been someone I can talk to about anything. Lessons have given me the confidence I needed to pursue my dream, and I am very thankful for that!" - Michelle Ferreira, vocalist, North Dartmouth, Ma
"Being coached by Debra Perry has been great for my voice and my confidence! She taught me the proper technique for keeping my voice and my vocal folds in top shape and has helped me to achieve greater things than I had thought possible! Thanks Debbie!" - Michelle Saindon, vocalist, Lakeville, Ma
"My daughter, Samantha has had a great experience at Debra Perry's Vocal Development Studio. Since being under Debra's instruction, Samantha's vocal range and performance confidence have greatly improved!" - Diane Couto, Fairhaven, Ma. (Diane's daughter, Samantha performed at Disney World in the summer of 2008 with the vocal troupe, Showstoppers. She is also featured in a commercial for the United Way and will appear in the 2008 Macey's Day Parade.
"Debbie Perry is an amazing teacher! Her lessons are fun and extremely helpful. She always keeps me motivated and has really helped boost my confidence! Every week, I look forward to going to my lessons and learning new things about my voice." - Kalynne DeMelo, vocalist, Freetown, Ma
"I started vocal lessons with Debra after being referred to her by my voice therapist, Kristen Anderson, at Charleton Memorial Hospital . When I began, the nodules on my vocal cords made it impossible to constantly sing, as I my job requires. I teach general music classes in both elementary and junior high. Things have improved greatly since I have been working with Debra at the studio." - Minty Farrissey, general music teacher, grades K-5, Somerset, and Ma
"My daughter, Amber, is one of Deb's students. When she began lessons, she didn't know how to sing correctly. Deb worked with her and now her voice is a beautiful instrument. She has taught her how to maintain her vocal health, train her voice, and present herself on stage. Deb is really great at getting you to see your potential and pushing you beyond your wildest dreams! She is fun-loving and a wonderful mentor and teacher!" - Donna Baptista, North Dartmouth, Ma
"Deb has done so much for my voice! Without her I wouldn't have the voice I have today! I owe all to her." - Amber Baptista, vocalist, North Dartmouth, Ma
"Debra Perry has made such a difference in our daughter, Meghan's ability to sing and perform. Deb has taught her the proper techniques to strengthen and protect her voice. She has also helped Meghan develop the confidence to be able to share her gift with all of us! We are so grateful to have found Deb and The Vocal Development Studio!" - Diane and Robert Leal, New Bedford, Ma
"After being in lessons at Debra Perry's Vocal Development Studio, I have learned a tremendous amount! Deb has instilled in me many things about music, but more importantly, she has given me confidence. I respect and trust her completely to help me continue to grow." - Meghan Leal, vocalist, New Bedford, Ma
"My daughter's vocal ability has improved so much since starting lessons with Deb. She has gotten parts in several musical theatre productions because of Deb's teaching style. I highly recommend her to people who ask where my daughter gets her vocal talent from." - Lisa Cardoza, Mattapoisett, Ma
"Ever since I started voice lessons with Deb, my voice has grown so much, and my self-esteem is much higher. Thanks Deb." - Holly Cardoza, vocalist, Mattapoisett, Ma
"Debra has given me the right path to follow. My voice improves day by day and the results are awesome!" - Jessica Olmo, vocalist, New Bedford, Ma
"I have learned so much! My voice has greatly improved, as well as my vocal health and overall confidence in my singing! Debbie is a very knowledgeable and encouraging teacher. I would not hesitate to recommend her to anyone interested in vocal study!" - Kelly Cleveland, vocalist, New Bedford, Ma
"When my daughter, Alexa wanted to take singing lessons, a friend recommended Debra Perry's Vocal Development Studio. Since beginning lessons, Alexa's voice as well as her self-esteem has grown immensely! She always looks forward to her lesson each week because she has fun, is inspired, and is always challenged! Debra is a phenomenal vocal instructor, a wonderful mentor, and an inspirational friend!" - Debbie and Alexa Ferreira, Dartmouth
"Debbie goes above and beyond to share her expertise. Her love for and dedication to her work shine through her teaching." - Jessica Vazquez, vocalist, New Bedford, Ma
"If you're someone who likes to sing and is looking to take things to the next level, The Vocal Development Studio is a great tool! Whether you're in a weekend band or trying to get a record deal, the studio is essential. It is the missing piece of the puzzle! God gave us the gift to sing, we need to use it, develop it, and sustain it at its highest level. Lessons with Debra Perry at The Vocal Development Studio will do just that! I know it has changed my life dramatically and it will change yours too!" - Tony Fernandes, Worship Leader, Thy Kingdom Come, New Bedford, Ma
"Prior to taking vocal lessons, I was prone to hoarseness after singing. After a few months, I have been singing with ease, and a renewed confidence! I am beginning to see improvements in my vocal range as well, and I am looking forward to what the future in vocal training will bring!" - Adam Gonsalves, vocalist, New Bedford, Ma. Adam was also the former bassist for Beyond The Embrace, signed to Metal Blade Records.
"Debra has given me the confidence I needed to finally get up on stage and perform. I have significantly more control over my voice and have noticed an increase in range and flexibility." - Lisa Tavares, vocalist, Fall River, Ma. Lisa is a member of Fall River Little Theatre and The Friends of St. Anne's.
"Although I had a vocal coach in my late teens and sang for many years in various bands and theatre, I was an experienced performer, but found that I struggled with certain aspects of my singing. I never felt comfortable with my transition to falsetto and overall, I felt like I was overworking to produce my notes. I sought out Debra, who, through her techniques, enabled me to sing comfortably again." - John Tavares, lead vocalist, Gemini. John is also a member of Fall River Little Theatre and The Friends of St. Anne.
"Taking singing lessons has been amazing! I've learned so much and have become more confident! Besides, there is no greater feeling than having someone come up to you and tell you that you have a great voice!" - Jaime Pimental, vocalist, Acushnet, Ma
"Debra has a passion for teaching her students, which is self-evident in the studio's offerings. The studio is geared toward developing the whole person as a vocalist, rather than just learning how to sing. If you're looking for a professional, sincere, outstanding vocal coach, this is the place to be!" - Donna Pimental, mother, Acushnet, Ma
"Deb has something to offer students of all levels. Every week, whether through reinforcing existing techniques and skills or introducing new ones, I always walk away knowing I'm moving toward my goals! She's a great instructor and coach!" - Rick Tavares, vocalist and guitarist, Gemini
"Before I began voice lessons, I enjoyed singing, but wasn't confident in my abilities at all. Through lessons, I've learned proper techniques for developing and controlling volume, preventing damage, using vocal inflections, developing stamina, and breathing control. I also used to be terrified of performing. My fears were greatly eased by the unique performance classes offered here at the studio. I'm lucky to be Debra's student. With a clean, quiet atmosphere conducive to learning, very reasonable prices, a progressive approach to the art of voice, and an instructor with plenty of first hand experience, any student would certainly benefit from lessons with Deb. I'm definitely a more confident singer and performer for it." - Tarrin Johnson, vocalist, New Bedford, Ma
"I am so happy I chose to bring my daughter, Rachel, to Deb's studio. Rachel loves to go to lessons and even likes to practice during the week. What really amazes me is how quickly her voice improves! The progress in her range and volume is unbelievable! Debra explains the techniques in a way that makes Rachel want to practice and improve each week, finally, fun homework!" - Kathy Neves, New Bedford, Ma
"My daughter, Rachel, loves to go to class each week. I hear such an improvement in her voice, and it's great to watch your child progress and take pride in what she does! If you're serious about wanting to sing and are ready to work for it, I would recommend Debra and her studio!" - Joe Neves, New Bedford, Ma
"The progress we've seen over the years in our two daughters, both vocally and on a performance level, has been amazing! Debbie has taught our daughters how to properly use their “instruments” by training them in the basic fundamentals of vocal development, including proper breathing technique, ribcage expansion, and vocal techniques,while at the same time, helping them to each develop their own personal vocal style. Her training prepared our girls so well that our 18 year old, Sheridan, sang out professionally this past summer while her sister, Alex, performed at Disney World with the vocal troupe "Showstoppers"! - Bruce and Monique Mello, Rochester, Ma
"I really enjoy Debbie's relaxed teaching style and appreciate her ability to not only help me recognize when I'm using proper vocal technique but also how to identify and correct problems when I don't." - Alex Mello, vocalist, Rochester, Ma
"Debra Perry is a highly accomplished and matter-of-fact voice teacher. She can be summed up in a single word, but to say ‘ terrific' would be the very least I could say. Her bright smiles and personality are highly infectious and calming. As my voice mentor, she has proven to be musically adept and wise beyond her years. During our initial discussions, Debra determined the best possible course of action for me to achieve my goals. As to her plan, I could not have asked for more. She laid out a program of book study, breathing and vocal exercises that have brought me a degree of self confidence I never thought possible. She continues to help me develop a professional delivery on each song I sing. Even my friends have noticed my improvement. The sound of diminished club noise and the sight of dancers taking to the floor as I begin to sing, is a thrill beyond description! Often I've attributed my life successes to my parents and first grade teacher. Now I'm proud to say Ms Debra Perry, as both teacher and friend, stands on a pedestal with them!" - T.J. Camarota, vocalist, E. Falmouth, Ma
"The studio's open mics are an introduction to the on-stage vocal experience in an intimate, relaxing environment with a great instructor and peer support!" - Ron Poitras, producer and sound engineer, Feedback Studio
"I felt very comfortable and supported whenever I sang at the open mic nights Deb offers! They made me a lot more confident in my ability to perform on stage!" - Kailey Poitras, vocalist, Rochester, Ma